Dental Hygiene in Yorktown, VA

At GEARY FAMILY & COSMETIC DENTISTRY, quality dental care and an excellent patient experience are the priorities. Our dental office strives to provide patients with attentive and comprehensive care to ensure gorgeous, healthy smiles. Whether we are performing a simple teeth whitening or extensive, full mouth restorations, you can expect care of the highest quality and service from a truly caring staff.
We are always happy to hear from our patients as we serve Yorktown, VA and surrounding communities. If we have provided you with dental care, please click the customer feedback icon and leave us a note about your service. If you are a new patient, take a look at the testimonials below to discover how we have helped patients in the past and how we continue to do so.

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“Called in for appointment while in pain, but just before closing before a Holiday when everyone wants to go home. They took me right in, did the work, and never mentioned I was holding their holiday up. Painless and friendly. All I want from a dentist.”

- Anonymous, patient since 2009